Online archives

The historical sources used on this website are located in the following libraries, public archive collections, and museums and galleries.

  • The Ulster Covenant Archive at PRONI provides teachers with an invaluable collection of original source material for example the original Solemn League and Covenant ,original photographs of Ulster Day, first hand accounts of people who were involved from politicians  to women , and original commemoration medals Ulster Covenant.
  • The National Archives site of England provides original material on the decline of the British Empire and its affect on Home Rule movement in Ireland.
  • The Ulster Museum – The Ulster Museum Photograph collections from1880s of Northern Ireland for example FJ Bigger collection 1863-1926 and the recent Ulster Covenant artefact collection.
  • Original film footage from the British Pathe archive
  • The CAIN archive is web based and contains materials on politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 .Some excellent sources on the early twentieth century as well.
  • The Linenhall Library has an extensive Irish and Local Studies Collection  notably the Northern Ireland Political Collection.The Library holds its own archives and those of others, along with literary manuscripts in its Archives and Manuscripts Collection.
  • The Irish History Live archive at QUB archive provides resources for nineteenth and twentieth century Ireland.
  • The Belfast Community Archive – A shared history interpretative project
  • Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive (Newsreel clips of the following events can be accessed only at venues mentioned on website above)
  • Ulster Day
  • Ulster’s Guardians of Peace
  • Belfast Unionist Demonstration
  • Carson in Belfast
  • Decade of centenaries Timeline Ulster 1885-1925
  • Creative Centenaries