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History is all about his story, her story and their story and in a place so small there’s many of them are shared stories. So come and join us as we tell a few of ours and add your to it too!

We would love you to join our Centenary Conversation with your own story. It can be about anything really from what you love about this place to the people you think helped shape it.

This years we are hearing lots about the famous faces and places and for somewhere so small we have a great collection of these. Our aim is hear from those and about those who are the quiet heroes, the hard workers and the everyday folk that makes this place special.

We want to hear from those who can trace their roots back generations and those who are still making it their home. We hope that as you learn and reflect and travel with us on this journey of discovery you will have new thoughts and things to write about.

It is a story still in the making and as we turn a new chapter leave your mark on the pages of history today.

William’s Story

After living, studying and working abroad what brought William back home?

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Danny’s Story

Making a new life in Northern Ireland proved a real success story

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Aleks’ story

Read about how Alek was inspired to write about this place.

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Catch up on all the latest project news and the wider events and activities being supported by the Shared History Fund to mark Northern Ireland’s Centenary.

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