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Partition as a concept and constitutional and political solution, has been used for centuries across the world. It is the division of an area which was once a single entity. It provokes much debate and is often seen as a last resort to prevent or to control conflict between different groups which share the area.

Partition lies at the heart of the story of Northern Ireland’s birth. To understand why Northern Ireland was created in 1921 we need to understand the divisions and difficulties which led up to that point.

In our project we have explored the Evolution of Partition and its results. However one of the most interesting features of our work has been looking at other ‘partitions’. It is a good starting point to understand how partition works and whether it has in the case of Northern Ireland been necessary and successful.

Putting our story into an international context has not only allowed us to undertone it better but also to explain it more easily to others. Our project aims to help ‘new’ communities, such as ethnic minorities and others who have made Northern Ireland their home, understand the political and historical situation better.

By understanding the background to the creation and ongoing conflict here over the last century they can better engage in current debates and discussions. So much of our present political and constitutional discourse is related to the past, and a lack of understanding has left many ethnic minorities ill-equipped and reluctant to engage in political, civic and community life here.

This project will help them understand and better navigate the often complex and contradictory Northern Ireland situation.

Putting Partition in Context

Some new views and events which give the issue a more international feel.

Clare’s Story

Clare's story of coming here to Make a home

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