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About I in NI

Welcome to our exciting education and engagement project which will look at the history and legacy of Northern Ireland in this its Centenary year. It will work alongside other ‘Shared History’ projects helping the Chinese and other BME communities to learn more about where they now live, to reflect on the complex and contested history of this place before equipping and facilitating them to engage in the current conversation around the Centenary and the wider community, civic and cultural life of Northern Ireland.

The Chinese Welfare Association (NI) supports the Chinese community within a framework of racial equality and promoting their full participation in the development of community and wider society. 

Our Chinese Resource Centre (CRC), is a hub for a range of services and activities for BME communities. Services include Older People projects, BME Health Advocacy and programmes focussing on mental health, community development and safety work; bilingual advocacy and support work; education and support services to families and young people.

This project touches on a number of our strategic aims from Good Relations and Cultural awareness work aimed at tacking racism to our recent investment in culture and heritage work with festivals and interpretative programmes. 

As part of our wider strategy to support and facilitate the engagement of the Chinese and other ethnic minority communities in the economic, educational, social and cultural life of Northern Ireland we have been focusing recently on heritage. 

From a successful Virtual Chinese New Year to launching our Virtual Chinese Resource Centre we have been looking at the story of our community in Northern Ireland. 

Recently we have been successful in attracting funding from the Shared History Fund for this project entitled ‘The I in NI’. It will look at the Centenary of Northern Ireland helping ethnic minority communities understand the significance and context of this event and its legacy. 

Latest project news

Catch up on all the latest project news and the wider events and activities being supported by the Shared History Fund to mark Northern Ireland’s Centenary.

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