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Continuing our Confucius theme the third piece of wisdom we look to is: “Study the past if you would define the future.” We would like to define a future which is peaceful, prosperous and provides a home for us all. While we will learn about and acknowledge the deep differences in opinion on what that future may look like now is the time to reflect on what people especially ‘new’ communities love about here right now.

Many cultures have a a piece of wisdom which warns them to remember the past so that we learn from it and do not repeat its mistakes. Confucius put it in a very positive way by saying “Study the past if you would define the future.”

We would like to define a better future for everyone especially those who have chosen here as their home. We feel that the project offers a journey of discovery and self discovery for many different audiences. We aim to reach what we call ‘new’ audiences. 

This means those who are new to the entire subject like school children or young people who have studied or haven’t been until now interested in studying history. The second audience is BME communities who are perhaps ‘new’ to Northern Ireland or even those who have lived here for generations but have avoided what they see as a divisive subject. Finally we wish to explain this place to those who might be interested to visit as tourists or students. 

The project will engage these audiences and educate then giving them an authentic, accurate and accessible experience of the past. Then we will encourage locals and visitors, established and new, main and minority communities to share their thoughts on the project and the place. 

We believe passionately that this place is all about the people not the politics. Northern Ireland or N.I. is all about the tens of thousands of ‘I’s and all our stories. We are all products of this place and in turn this place is a product of all of us.  

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