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New to NI

Our project aims to make sense of this place for those who are new to it. That can be school children just beginning to learn about Northern Ireland, those who have recently set up up home here, communities who while here for generations have not yet taken time to understand its often confusing history or those planning to visit or study here.

We also hope that everyone else will still learn something new about this place, or themselves through the project!

Whether you are new to Northern Ireland or its history is a new subject for you join us on a journey of discovery which will help us all feel fed at home here. The journey will look at how at one time or another all communities were newcomers and each contributed to the culture and traditions we associate with this place. 

It will draw parallels with other places in the world which you may be familiar with as we look at the problems which led to Partition here in 1921. Then we will take time to consider what different communities and individuals have contributed to make this place what it is today, before reflecting on its impact on the world around it.

Finally we want to hear your story, and your thoughts on this place. We firmly believe that this place is about more than its politics – is made by its people. Whatever our hopes are for the future we are right here right now and we would like to hear from you!

New to NI News

For those who are new to Northern Ireland or its history we have news and views which will help you get to know us better and feel more at home.

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