County Armagh is known as the ‘Apple blossom’ county or the ‘Orchard County it is definitely apple country, and todays its famous Bradley apples have been awarded with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the EU. This recognises the specific area which the product comes from protecting and promoting named regional food products that have a reputation or noted characteristics specific to that area.

Recognised for its distinctive taste and flavour, the Armagh Bramley apple is a culinary apple like no other. Traditionally grown and cared for in the region of Armagh, the area has a longstanding and historically significant link to the apple.

Generations of apple growers come largely from County Armagh and the surrounding areas. So impressive are the Bramley orchards of Armagh the county is celebrated as the ‘Orchard County of Ireland’.

About a third of the world’s supply of Bramley apples are grown in Ireland, largely in and around County Armagh. It is the only apple available today for the sole purpose of cooking. Its development since its humble beginnings in 1809 is impressive, the orchards of Armagh are now more than 90% Bramley by area.

County Armagh has been part of the apple growing family for generations; growers take pride in their ability to grow quality produce observing only the best in agricultural practices to achieve the finest cooking apples, which are used in both sweet and savoury dishes and drinks.

The Armagh Bramley is used in the trade by chefs, as well as by shoppers and families from the area who over the years have built up a collection of favourite recipes.

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