One of the most exciting parts of our ‘I in NI’ project has been our Made Here theme where we have been looking at just what this little spot on the globe has contributed to the rest of the world. We have discovered that it is the people that makes the place and the rich mix of different ethnic groups, cultures, faiths and traditions has made something really special. In turn that mix of minds and mentalities has produced some of the most amazing innovations, and inventions that the world has ever seen. Today our local universities continue to pioneer and promote ground breaking research and innovation. Alongside this the practical skills of people who live here, their canny ability to solve problems and spot opportunities has meant that it is not just on the university campus but in the back year and local workshop that some of our most amazing discoveries have been made.

The skills of local artisans, engineers, inventors and artists are still a defining feature of a thriving economy. We have been delighted to discover what’s being made today in Northern Ireland. From the pioneering hydrogen technology of our bus builders to the arts and crafts that are lovingly made and sold at local markets here and on the world stage online.

One of our project aims is to discover and showcase the very best of Northern Ireland and help new audiences sample and savour what we have found. A great starting place is the directories of food and produce, arts and crafts, skills and services as well as accommodation and visitor experiences.

Northern Ireland has always made more than just ships and we have meet and seen some of the new and exciting produce and products being made today. So check out some of our arts and crafts designers and producers. For gifts or bespoke items made here this site is s great place to start discovering what local makers can do.

The Made in Northern Ireland site is a great way to explore local makers – this is what they say about their idea.


Made in Northern Ireland was set up in May 2020 with the vision to support local makers from across Northern Ireland. As a maker you can feel lonely with no support network around you for moral support and to cheer you on. It can be tough starting out and competing with other makers from around the world on the likes of Etsy which has over 2.5 million sellers.

MINI hopes that it will be able to support and provide advice to makers who are looking to get started selling their products and/or create an online presence.


We plan on providing support to makers directly through our social media channels featuring makers in the most effective way with spotlight posts, product posts, giveaways and other relevant forms of creative content.

We’ll be posting articles on our blog which are aimed at the makers to help them get a better understanding of social media, the best way to market your business, providing general advice and any other related content. If you’re a specialist or expert in an area and wish to contribute an article then get in touch with us via email:

We also provide support through our Facebook group allowing makers to connect and share advice, share what they’ve been working on and socialise with like minded people. If you’re interested, you can join the group hereNote: ensure you answer the questions (don’t worry if you can’t answer them all) otherwise you will be declined – we have to ensure it’s a focused group of makers from Northern Ireland.

The Future

Made in Northern Ireland hopes to continue supporting makers in any way possible by marketing businesses who are selling products made in Northern Ireland. We hope in the future that we may have an online e-commerce store which will allow makers to have somewhere they can share their products without the expense of high fees which come with other platforms.

We’re open to ideas and ways in which we can support. You’re also welcome to support us in any way you wish! Whether it’s from providing feedback, helping us generate social media content, writing the blog or even a simple share on Facebook!

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on our social platforms or by email.

Facebook: @madeinnorthernireland
Facebook Group: Made in Northern Ireland Makers
Instagram: @itsmadeinnorthernireland
Twitter: @itsmadeinni