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As part of our journey of discovery we will travel back in time to discover why Northern Ireland came into existence. Partition was the ‘answer’ to what was known as the ‘Irish Question’ which had been a feature of British Politics for a century before. Like many questions there were different answers and Partition was as the one which gave each side something less than they hoped for.

It is difficult even now 100 years later to answer the ‘Irish Question’ without taking sides. It is such a divisive question that it not only demands and answer but an answer that often requires action.
Our approach is present the question in its historic context alongside the answers championed by both sides – unionist and nationalist. Then focus on the ‘answer’ which was accepted and actioned at the time – the Partition of Ireland and the creation of two separate states.
A a project we will present the facts of history and let you the audience arrive at your own conclusions. Our position is best summarised by the contemporary historian and writer WP Moneypenny who viewed Irish history’s “constant tragedy”, “not a clash of right and wrong, but a clash between two rights”. Perhaps over a century later we can all develop the generosity of spirit and the integrity of character as accept that in some way there is right on both sides of the debate.

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