Two of Britain’s greatest Olympians have hit the slopes once again albeit virtually as they were ‘reunited’ with each other, and the sport they love, in a specially created 360 degree live-streamed virtual sledging experience. We watch as Northern Ireland Olympic Gold Medal Winner Lord Glentorin.

Two of Britain’s greatest Olympians, Innsbruck 1964 bobsleigh champions Robin Dixon, 85, and Tony Nash, 84, have been ‘reunited’ with each other and the sport they love , in a specially created 360 degree live-streamed, virtual winter sledging experience.

Using 5G and customised virtual reality applications on two Oculus Quest 2 headsets, the Winter Olympic legends were treated to a live sledging experience from the comfort of their homes in Devon and Northern Ireland. In the sledge was Robin’s grandson Rory Dixon, a semi-professional skier who was given some tips by former British skeleton racer and Olympic Gold Medallist, Amy Williams, in the Chill Factore Indoor Ski Slope in Manchester.

Rory Dixon sledging on the specially-equipped 5G bobsleigh.

The heart-warming experience demonstrated the power of technology to bring together families and friends and keep them connected, even when they are miles apart. Robin and his grandson Rory, who share a passion for winter sports, have not been able to see each other much this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rory Dixon on the specially-equipped bobsleigh with its 360 degree cameras.

Robin Dixon (Lord Glentoran CBE), Olympic Gold Medallist said: “It was great to see Rory today, as well as Tony again too as I hadn’t seen him for a while. Tony and I are great friends but we’re quite a long way away from each other – it’s thanks to technology we are still able to stay in touch. To be able to have this experience with them both has been incredible. I really didn’t even know technology like this existed!”

Olympic gold medallist Robin Dixon experiencing virtual sledging thanks to Vodafone 5G.

Tony Nash, Olympic Gold Medallist said: “Robin and I will always be close. We used to meet up from time to time, but now we’ve both got older and we don’t get around nearly as much as we did, I haven’t seen him for a couple of years and with the pandemic, a get together just hasn’t been possible. It’s been lovely to catch up with him today on the slopes – even if it’s not the kind we were used to! How marvellous that this technology is here to bring us together again to get a taste of what we love best – being on the snow!”

Olympic gold medallist Tony Nash experiencing virtual sledging thanks to Vodafone 5G.

Amy Williams MBE, British Skeleton racer and Olympic Gold Medallist said: “It’s been amazing today speaking with Robin and Tony and sharing this experience with them. 2020 has been a challenging year for so many people, so this Christmas it’s more important than ever to connect with family and friends. It’s great that Vodafone is lifting the nation’s spirits and helping people stay in touch using technology.”

Rory Dixon and Amy Williams at the Chill Factore Indoor Ski Slope in Manchester.