The Opening of the Northern Ireland Parliament was marked by the striking of commemorative medals.

One of the commemorative medals is held in the Royal Collection, and other are in private collections and local museums

They have on one side the Bare head of George V left. GEORGIVS V DEI GRA : BRITT : OMN : REX

On the Reverse: The British lion standing on a crowned shield of Northern Ireland within branches of roses, thistles and shamrocks. Around that image are the words THE PARLIAMENT OF NORTHER IRELAND. and Below: 22ND JUNE 1921

The latin motto Floreat Ultonia means May Ulster Flourish or prosper.

This is an early official emblem of the new state of Northern Ireland and is remarkably similar to the design finally adopted for  the Northern Ireland flag which is based on the official arms of the country.


Other unofficial commemorative medals followed a very similar pattern as they marked the opening of the parliament in 1921. They were designed and made by renowned local artist John Vinycomb by the world famous Belfast department store Robinson & Cleaver.

All images share the use of the shield of Ulster which would have most likely used the provisional flag of the province of Ulster which uses the De Burgh coat of arms – a yellow shield, Red Cross and the O’Neill red hand. This is often surrounded by symbolic flowers to indicate its part in the United Kingdom, or the flax flower or the palm symbolising history and peace. The Imperial crown sits above the shield symbolising subservience to the Crown and Constitution, place in the British Empire and the safety and prosperity this guarantees. The use of the star or county coats of arms symbolises the 6 counties making up Northern Ireland.