Some people call it “heart attack on the plate”. Well…

Considered to be the ultimate breakfast food, Ulster fry is Northern Ireland’s favorite dish . It consists of sausages, streaky bacon, eggs and tomatoes, with the addition of griddle-baked soda farls (quarters) and potato bread, fried until golden crispy on the exterior, and tenderly fluffy on the interior.


Although cooked breakfast first became popular in the Victorian period, Ulster fry owes its existence to the tourism ‘boom’ on the British Isles in the 1960s. Today, it is the single dish that is the most closely associated with Northern Ireland. The Fry must not contain anything that cannot be fried in bacon fat, and there is a heated debate about what can and cannot be included in the dish.

Black pudding, mushrooms and chips are all ruled out, but tolerated by traditionalists, while hash browns are considered a heresy if found on an Ulster fry plate. This hearty breakfast is best accompanied by a cup of hot tea or whiskey-spiked Irish coffee.


Here is the recipe:

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