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Morelli Ice-Cream

One of the most iconic features of the short summer we enjoy is of course famous Italian ice-cream.

Did you know that one of the earliest arrivals to Northern Ireland were members of the Italian community?

By the mid 1800s, Little Patrick Street, in Belfast, housed the main concentration of immigrants. Names such as Marconi, Fusco, Rossi, Forte, Notarantonio, Vergatti, Capitano and Morelli were common.

By the end of the 1800s, Belfast’s ‘Little Italy’, was well established. Relatives of the original settlers arrived and the Italian population in Belfast grew considerably, extending into York Street.

Morelli family is particularly known in Northern Ireland because of the amazing ice cream which won many awards.

Their inventor came to Portrush at the beginning of 20 century. He brought the recipe from his tiny village located in Italian Alps.

At the beginning the ice needed to be brought by train from Belfast! The ingredients were added later on and delicious Morelli ice cream gained popularity all over Northern Ireland.

Also, Italians contributed to the rich interior design in Northern Ireland. The Crown bar and the interiors of Belfast City Hall are known by its beautiful Italian craftsmanship.

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